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Welcome to NevilleBook, where David, the grandson of Elmer O. Locker Jr., invites you to join a dedicated community inspired by the teachings of Neville Goddard. Discover simple ways to change your reality and unleash the power of your imagination. With exclusive content, courses, and live streaming, we provide the resources you need to transform your life. Are you ready to embrace a journey of limitless creation, guided by David's expertise and Neville's wisdom? Join us and ignite your imagination for a life filled with miracles and abundance. Welcome to NevilleBook! 

Who is Neville Goddard?

The man with the charismatic gaze below was the spiritual writer and lecturer Neville Goddard. Neville has influenced thousands if not millions of people through his teachings and exploration of the universe and its mysteries. His core teaching and understanding of our existence was that the Human Imagination is God and that our thoughts, feelings and states create our reality.

Neville's V.I.P. Student

Experience the incredible story of my grandfather, who had the privilege of personally meeting Neville Goddard, the renowned teacher and author. Despite initial skepticism, my grandfather's life took a remarkable turn after attending Neville's meetings and embracing his teachings. From becoming a V.I.P. student to contributing a testimonial in Neville's book, "The Law & The Promise," my grandfather manifested a life brimming with abundance, love, and miracles. Discover the transformative power of Neville's teachings through the captivating tale of my grandfather's journey.


My Vision

My vision is to create a  platform where like-minded creators unite, driven by a shared mission to elevate ourselves to unparalleled heights. Here, we will engage in vibrant discussions, forge connections, and immerse ourselves in topics that propel our community towards boundless success.

But it doesn't stop there. I am committed to providing you with transformative courses and live events, meticulously designed to strengthen your belief in the universal laws and unleash the full power of your mind. By cultivating these mental muscles, we will manifest our dream lives with unwavering precision.

Together, let us dissolve the boundaries of what is possible and boldly step into a realm where dreams effortlessly materialize. Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to make your desires a present fact, as we embark on a journey that will reshape your destiny.

Join us now, and let the extraordinary become your everyday reality. Prepare to witness the incredible transformation that awaits you as we manifest our dreams, build unwavering belief, and create a community of limitless potential. The time for your dreams to become a tangible reality is now. Are you ready to seize this life-altering opportunity?