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The Community

Welcome to ~NevilleBook~. Here, I will be teaching and unravelling simple ways to change your reality and to create with your imagination (as taught by Neville Goddard). This community is a dedicated place for you to express yourselves, interact with each other and share any experiences related to the law and manifestation. There will also be exclusive content from courses to live streaming and much more. Sending lots of love and positivity. ❤️

Who is Neville Goddard?

The man with the charismatic gaze below was the spiritual writer and lecturer Neville Goddard. Neville has influenced thousands if not millions of people through his teachings and exploration of the universe and its mysteries. His core teaching and understanding of our existence was that the Human Imagination is God and that our thoughts, feelings and states create our reality.

Neville's VIP Student

My Grandfather has a beautiful story that connects him with the great Neville Goddard. He was one of the few lucky people that were actually able to meet Neville in person. It all started when a friend of my grandfathers made him promise that he would attend one of Neville's meetings. Despite his skepticism and reluctance, he did go to this meeting and Neville urged him to try an exercise that would eventually change his life. My Grandfather later attended many meetings that Neville hosted including V.I.P. meetings. He also wrote a testimonial under the initials (EOL) for Neville's book "The Law & The Promise". Using Neville's teachings, my grandfather created a life full of abundance, love and miracles.


My Vision

My vision for this platform is to bring like-minded creators together. To chat, to meet and discuss topics that will help our community strive to the highest level possible. I’m also implementing courses and live events to help develop our belief in the law and to fully develop the muscles of our mind, as to draw our dream lives into fruition. May all of your dreams become a present fact!

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